the aluminium collectors

San Francisco is a place where rich millenials gather on lawns and sip champagne as poor boomers walk and gather their detritus.

Nobody questions this state of affairs, it is as normal as breathing. Who would question if oxygen was real? In this same way the existence of the subservient populace whose livelihood was the scavenging of the aluminium cans was taken as fact, a pre-existing condition of the times.

There is a man at this park. I call him the pizza shouter. He roams from area to area chanting "PIZZA! PIZZA! ICE COLD BEER!". Where did he get the pizza from? How has it lasted so long? Why is no-one reacting to his movement?

I bought acid from a crust punk named *******. I took two tabs on a whim, and slipped into bliss.

Now I can no longer hear the pizza shouter or see the aluminium collectors either.