recently I've become aware of a new phenomenon at work: people who I've given the slightest indication of wanting to learn from are becoming more patronizing – lots of explanations of things I already know.

part of this I think is ego: many of the people who do this have higher titles than I do, and come from more traditional engineering backgrounds than I do

part of this I think is care: many of the people who do this genuinely seem to want to help

but as I think harder – this has always been the case. what about me has changed that's causing me to take offense by those offering free info?

I think I've become a little jaded towards people claiming to be experts/with lofty titles.

How can an organization with smart, empowered, tenured people produce bad outcomes?

Why don't others have the same urgency that I do when it comes to addressing problems?

one of my greatest strengths has always been my sense of empathy.

when I look at the traits I despise most in older engineers, a lack of empathy (and action on that empathy) is high on my list

if I want to continue in tech long term, I'll need to find a way to keep my beginners mind and squash my ego. I need to empathize with the struggles of tenured people working in adverse circumstances to create the best worlds they can with the resources they have.

(if I want to continue in tech long term)

in other words, I've gotta temper my expectations